Oil Services at Berlin City Lexus of Portland.

Oil Services at Berlin City Lexus of Portland

Ensure your Lexus is performing at its best, with routine oil maintenance at Berlin City Lexus of Portland. With regular oil maintenance, your Lexus will run reliably, smoothly, and efficiently, and nobody is better equipped to do that, than our Berlin City Lexus of Portland service technicians. Learn more about checking oil levels at home, routine maintenance schedules, and the best oil type for your Lexus. Schedule Service at Berlin City Lexus of Portland today and check out our service specials and Berlin City Care Program for additional savings!

Why Oil Changes are Important

Keeping up with oil changes is imperative to the health and longevity of your Lexus. Clean engine oil provides lubrication to the engine ensuring the components move properly, eliminates sludge or debris from going through the engine, improves fuel mileage, and maintains a proper temperature within the engine.

Accurately Check Oil Levels

Between scheduled oil changes, you can check your oil levels at home to ensure there aren’t any leaks or issues which may need attention. We recommend that you check your engine’s oil once a month, or before any long trips. Doing this will ensure the best performance of the vehicle, and help you avoid costly repairs and unnecessary issues. Follow the steps below to quickly and accurately check your oil levels at home: 

  • Ensure your Lexus is parked and on level ground
  • Make sure the oil is warm, too hot is dangerous & too cold is inaccurate
  • Review your Luxus’ Owner Manual for proper procedure & oil location
  • Once dipstick is found, remove & wipe down
  • Reinsert and remove to get an accurate reading

Oil change intervals 

Lexus is owned by Toyota, so the recommended oil for any newer Lexus is Toyota Genuine Motor Oil SAE 0W-20, which is synthetic motor oil. This synthetic motor oil was exclusively designed to increase fuel economy, help the engine readily start in colder temperatures, and last longer. When using Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, you should get your oil changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. If you opt for conventional oil, it is recommended that you have it changed every 3,500 miles. When your Lexus is scheduled to have an oil change, it is important that you do not postpone, this will aid in the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. 

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Lexus recommends Synthetic Oil on all newer makes, this oil provides more evenly distributed oil and additives to better lubricate your Luxus’ engine. This oil is formulated with low viscosity, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing friction, and increasing power. It is recommended that synthetic oil be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles to ensure clean oil and optimal lubrication. Additional benefits of using synthetic oil in your Lexus include: 

  • Protection against oil breakdown for a cleaner running engine and long engine life.
  • Cleaner oil with fewer impurities, increasing protection against varnishing and deposits.
  • Superior lubrication to reduce engine wear across the operating temperature range and optimizes fuel economy.
  • Reduces oil loss due to evaporation and burn-off.
  • Uniform molecular size means less friction.
  • Additives boost protection and can clean engines.
  • Better function in cold and extreme weather.

Why Choose Berlin City Lexus of Portland Over Independent Repair Shops?

At Berlin City Lexus of Portland’s Service Center, our technicians are Lexus-trained and certified and work closely with Lexus vehicles every day. Our team is extremely familiar with the maintenance and repair of Lexus vehicles, and will only offer compatible and genuine products and parts. While you wait for your vehicle to be serviced, you can enjoy our lounge area with complimentary beverages and Wi-Fi. More Berlin City Lexus of Portland benefits include:

Oil Service FAQs

Regular Lexus oil changes help maintain its lifespan and overall performance by lubricating your engine.

Common warning signs include odd noises or engine behaviors, overheating, and poorer than usual fuel economy. If you’re on level ground and your engine is off for a time, you can check your oil level by inspecting the dipstick.

Yes, this will help your Lexus’ new oil last longer.

No, although Toyota Genuine Synthetic Oil is recommended for its longevity and other benefits.

When you receive that message it means an oil change is recommended and will disappear once performed.

Synthetic oil is made from base oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil that enforces an even distribution of the additives.

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